Flexible - REGOFLEX

A new, advanced flue gas discharge system for gas-fired condensing boilers.

The flexible pipe can be bent and cut easily at any place. After the desired length is cut away, a pipe hub shall be fitted at one pipe end and a rigid pipe section at the other end. This way the flexible section becomes ready to be connected to any part of a rigid flue piping – elbows, T-pieces, adapters etc. Inside a chimney, the pipes are centred using the spacers, and on the roof a dedicated flue terminal with a chimney plate is used. This makes the installation of flue piping easier and quicker.

The basic system components are a flexible flue pipe and a chimney kit. The chimney kit involves a chimney cowl, chimney elbow and spacers. It includes also a termination kit that permits connection of the flexible pipe to other system components.

Other additional components can be fitted into the system, e.g. a pipe section with an inspection hole or other components usual for a 80mm diam. single-wall system. In order to fit further components into a flexible pipe, another termination kit can be ordered (1 hub, 1 flue pipe). Individual components of the chimney kit can be also ordered separately.