Products for Heating Systems

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    EPOSTIX Two-Part Epoxy Putty

    Two-part epoxy putty for quick repairs of holes and cracks. Suitable for metals, plastic, wood, for underwater repairs on pipes, pools, tanks, joints, permanent seals; in the house, on a car, boat or camper. 50 g tube.

    6.01 Excl. Btwincl. btw

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    MR 501/F Protective fluid for heating systems

    Protective fluid preventing corrosion of metals (iron, copper, aluminium etc.) and their alloys by forming a layer on the surface that prohibits its direct contact with fluids. The fluid is made of organic compounds and is designed for heating and cooling systems, solar panels and heat pumps (it is compatible with antifreeze fluids). The fluid is suitable for metal pipes, plastic materials (PVC) and polymers (polyethylene, polybutylene). 1 l bottle.

    15.60 Excl. Btwincl. btw

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    MR 501/R Cleaner for heating systems

    It cleans and protects heating circuits. Sediments containing iron and magnesium hydroxides, calcareous sediments, rust and sludge can be dissolved and subsequently flushed out. This fluid acts as a valve and pump lubricant, it improves heat exchange and returns heating circuits their initial efficiency. It also acts as inhibitor of corrosion already existing in the circuit. Thanks to its properties, it can guarantee the best heat exchange in a heating circuit and radiators as well. 1 l bottle.

    15.60 Excl. Btwincl. btw

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    MR-501/D Cleaner for heating systems

    Cleaning and anti-corrosion fluid for new heating and cooling circuits, removing from heat transfer surfaces metal oxide sediments and impurities from assembly and production. It facilitates formation of protective layers, being suitable for both plastic and metal surfaces incl. aluminium.

    15.60 Excl. Btwincl. btw

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    STOP LEAK Sealing Agent for heating systems

    Sealing fluid with inorganic base designed for sealed heating circuits. Stop Leak is a fluid designed to seal minor leaks in heating systems in metal or plastic, for leaks up to 50 l per 24 h. When dosed into a heating system, it starts sealing slowly the microleaks caused by corrosion or defect connections exploiting contact with oxygen from outside the leak. 1 l bottle.

    19.33 Excl. Btwincl. btw

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    MR-501/X Cleaner for heating systems

    This product cleans heating circuits from scale, calcareous sediments, dirt and solder flux remnants, renewing the heating efficiency. It offers protection against corrosion, reduces or completely eliminates boiler noise. Ideal for existing heating and cooling systems of any age. The product is compatible with all metals and materials currently used in heating systems. 1 l bottle.

    34.07 Excl. Btwincl. btw

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